I've been cleaning houses for over 16 years, breaking down my body in the process. I have several issues in my back that don't allow me to be pain free, especially with my job. I began praying for God to show me what His plan was for me. He made it VERY clear once I was diagnosed with an ulcer. None of the medications prescribed to me helped with the pain and nausea associated with the ulcer, so I began doing research. Essential oils kept showing up, but i didn't know where to start. There were so many different ones! I kept reading and researching until I created my first recipe. Once I had proven it worked with amazing results, it clicked in my head! Others MUST be going through what I did, with all the overwhelming prices and all the different oils to choose from! I decided to help others by doing the hard part for them, by creating custom oil blends that are ready to use, at an affordable price, without the hassle of trying to find which ones, in what amount, works best for each ailment. So, my mission is simple: provide quality 100%therapy grade essential oil blends that are ready to use for an affordable price.

Mission Statement