Our Heavenly Year Round Scents

Amaretto Delight- An aroma of sweet almond with a hint of fresh, ripe cherries to tantalize the senses!


Amethyst- This light scent of bergamont with fragrant camellias, exotic sandlewood, and a twist of vetiver will scintillate the senses.


Black Rose- The timeless, classical scent of sensual rose will wrap your senses in luxury!


Blackberry Bliss- A sweet tangy bowl of luscious, juicy blackberries with a tart scent of currant.


Blueberry Lemonade- This scent will make your mouth water! Tart Snap of freshly squeezed lemons mixed with sweet juicy blueberries.

Bless Your Heart- refreshing scent of fresh ripe peaches

Blush- An intoxicating medley of Japanese cherry blossoms with a light scent of mimosa and warm undertones of tonka bean, vanilla and oriental woods.


Charmed- Crisp scent of citrus, wild berry, and pomegranate with hints of honeysuckle, violet, and pear, complimenting a creamy musk of vanilla-sandlewood


Dreamsicle- A tasty aroma of creamy vanilla ice cream with the sweet, tangy scent of juicy oranges to tempt your senses


Glow- This alluring blend of bergamot, fresh golden peach mixed with guava, apricot and exotic berries! Hints of Mimosa, Jasmine and Peony round out this scent with undertones of Dulce De Leche, sandalwood, vanilla, and Cashmere Musk make this scent a sexy addition to anything you wear.​

Jasmine Rain- A refreshing scent of a Jasmine garden after the rain storm. Without out overpowering the light scent of Jasmine rises out of the crispness of fresh rain makes this scent addicting and memorable.

Juiced- An exploding mix of lemon verbena mixed with fresh berries and orange satsuma adds a fresh and fun kick to any situation. 

Lavender Vanilla Love- The classic combination of lavender and vanilla to create a serene aroma to help combat even your most stressful of days.

Lemon Sorbet- The scent of creamy vanilla mixed with the fresh scent of lemon make this the perfect blend of sweet and sour!

Moonbeam- The sultry scent of night blooming jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender, and sweet musk take your senses on a walk through the moonlight on a intoxicating journey.

Raspberry Kiss- Tart, tangy raspberries kissed by creamy vanilla perfectly blended to make this fragrance so good you'll want to eat it!

Secrets- Sensual sandalwood softened by warm vanilla gives this light fragrance a gentle dreamy scent


Strawberry Squeeze- Fresh, juicy, sweet, and tangy strawberries bursting with mouth watering fragrance​


Sweet Dreams- Soothing lavender and frankincense combined with ylang ylang, sweet orange, vertiver and rounded off with hemp seed oil as a carrier help melt away the stresses of your day!

Sweet Tooth- A warm, sweet vanilla aroma, this classic scent never fails to entice!

Verbena Tart- The refreshing, clean scent of lemon verbena fills the senses in this classic fragrance reminds you of a lemon orchard on a sunny day

Special Scents

Eucalyptus Mint- The crisp therapeutic smell of Eucalyptus Mint leaves your skin moisturized and refreshed. Only available in Lotion Bar, Linen Spray, Aromatherapy Oil Blend.

Lavender Fields- The aroma of fresh grass mixed with the calming scent of Lavender gives this lotion bar an enticing fragrance that will soothe your mind while it moisturizes your skin. Only available in a Lotion Bar.

Rosemary Mint- The herbal of Rosemary and the fresh, mint of Eucalyptus come together to make this amazing refreshing scent that moisturizes your skin every time you use it! Only available in Lotion Bar, Linen Spray, and Aromatherapy Oil Blend.

Romantic Rose- Similar to Black Rose in scent, this luxurious fragrance has rosebuds infused within. Only available in Lotion Bar.

Only available in certain products

Year round scent available in most products!

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